Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Believe in Your Dreams" written by: Sarene Cas

Follow your dreams and never get tired of seeking the right path..When you get lost...Don't be afraid...God will lead the way!!


  1. dude... i know you hardly know me but i just want to congratulate you for having this wonderful site... i already watched some of your videos and i find it very interesting so keep up the good work... :) :) smiles

  2. hay ang sarap mbuhay...dala ang pgasa hehehe

  3. ''If you put God in the center of your life everything will come together"

    Because God Can Move Mountains, God Can Stop A Raging Sea, God Can Cut The Oceans..
    He Lead All The Great Kings..
    He Made King Solomon As The Richest Person Ever Lived..
    By His Stripes We Are Healed
    He Gave His Life For You And Me..
    How Did He Do This?
    Because There Are Certain Someone That Puts Him In The Center Of Their Life, Believed In The Lord..
    And He Will Do The Same To You..


Follow Your heart

Follow Your heart